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"With this poignant and powerfully curated program, Ensemble Pi reminds us that the commitment to be a socially conscious artist means engaging thoughtfully with today’s critical issues. It means commissioning and performing work by today’s composers. It means creating a space to reflect and conversate, to share knowledge and resources. Music and art must not be a place into which we solely retreat, but a space to hold difficult, even painful conversations, and demand justice.”

from I Care If You Listen by Jillian Degroot

“Ensemble Pi examine[s] political activism in music”

Time Out New York by Alan Lockwood

“Classical Traditions Kept and Upended"

New York Times by Bernard Holland

“A socially conscious new music group”

Time Out New York

“Ensemble Pi plays ‘notorious’ Cowell…was appealingly atmospheric… this was involving music, expressively played by Meshulam.”

Star-Ledge by Bradley Bambarger

“The music had style and lilt, and the audience loved them, judging by the long, loud applause; they ran eight minutes.”

New Music Connoisseur

“…featuring politically evocative and lyrically compelling works from around the world, written in response to war and oppression.”

Cooper Union News

“Composition to do Battle with War and Injustice”… “music performed clearly evoked conflict and anguish…gracefully played…a fiery and emotive performance..”

New York Times by Vivien Schweitzer